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We are the unicorns of clean.

A 2 Z, brings to you a first, innovative hospice and home sterilization service.  Providing clients with our cutting edge, unique and pivotal home technologies to keep our loved ones (or ourselves) in a clean, sterile and safe environment.  We are a team that represents the diversity of America.  We have come together to provide the ultimate service of care to our clients with a free home consultation, Cleaning, Sterilization and Ultraviolet Disinfection and a follow up inspection.  We also offer a free hotspot session if an illness occurs within two weeks of completed service.

As a disabled Veteran and Environmental Service professional, manager and corporate trainer, I have worked in approximately ten (10) Trauma 1 level hospitals all over the country over the past 12 years and noticed that concern for ultimate infection control usually ends upon discharge in the hospital.  I witnessed my own mother in hospice for two years.  When compared to other patients, what was the difference between her longevity, and infrequent trips to the hospital?   She had a daughter that sterilized her home once a month in addition to the cleaning service that hospice provided.

What is not widely reported to the public is the amount of re-admissions are occurring due to MRSA and/or subsequent infection at home.  We all use cleaning supplies, bleach and soap, but the level of cleaning and sterilization needed isn’t at home.   According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization 2017 Facts and Figures released in April 2018, most patients , 55.6% received care at home versus 41.9% at a nursing facility.  Which means that infection control is a pivotal aspect of your healthcare goals!

We are your solution!!

We are here to be a part of your home health care team and infection control process!

We specialize in reducing microorganisms present in your home or business.

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